Cosmetic Skin Needling Training Course

100% natural with no long term side effects. Using the body's natural self regenerating mechanisms, techniques include cosmetic acupuncture and derma-roller method.

  • Learn how to safely remove and reduce facial lines and wrinkles

  • Learn how to induce collagen growth naturally, and encourage muscle tone and lift

  • Learn facial rejuvenation and anti ageing techniques using non surgical methods

  • Lectures on anatomy, nutrition, ageing and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Live practice and demonstrations on real patients

  • Small groups which allow for individual time and attention

Course dates:

17 October 2020


1 Harley Street

London W1


This course is open to anyone wants to learn these skills for personal use.


For the practitioner qualification, this course is open to therapists, dentists, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.


No prior training in acupuncture or skin needling is needed to join this course.


Students who pass the practitioner course will be certified and eligible for insurance to practice Cosmetic Skin Needling, including both disciplines of cosmetic acupuncture and derma-roller method.

Course Fee:



To register or for more information email:


The day is heavily focussed on practical application on the most common areas of ageing skin. 

You will also receive a comprehensive starter kit including:

  • advanced aesthetic device 

  • pack of cosmetic acupuncture needles

  • a detailed training manual

  • client consent forms and aftercare sheets

  • free ongoing support and advice

This course is accredited by Balens the UK's leading provider of beauty and insurance membership.