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Chinese Medicine For Fatigue - Why Am I Always So Tired?

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at chronic fatigue differently to Western medicine. TCM practitioners look at the body’s Qi, which runs through and around the body via paths called meridians. When channels are blocked, various symptoms can occur, including chronic fatigue. Having a general qi deficiency may cause some symptoms of fatigue as well as illness.

With chronic fatigue syndrome, Chinese medicine practitioners often notice common patterns that come along with this condition. Some of these patterns include:

  • Qi Deficient: Qi deficiency can be caused by poor dietary habits or poor digestion, which can lead to chronic fatigue.

  • Blood Deficient: Fatigue is a common symptom of being blood deficient, where there is a loss of blood due to chronic illness, poor diet, or in a woman who just had a baby.

  • Yang Deficient: A Yang deficiency can come with serious fatigue, where there isn’t enough warmth and can cause a constant feeling of cold.

  • Yin Deficient: With Yin deficiency, you would feel chronically warm, and may experience a jittery feeling that also comes with fatigue.

  • Liver Stagnation: This can be caused by a blockage or due to stagnation. Since the liver plays such a big role in helping everything else in your body function properly, having liver stagnation is known to cause fatigue.

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, using traditional Chinese medicine is a great way to treat the body as it treats the root cause of the problem and works to bring the body back into balance. In this way long term and permanent health benefits can be achieved.

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