vitamin injections

Vitamin B12 Injection

If you are feeling tired and run down all the time you may have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

  • Vitamin B12 gives you an immediate energy boost

  • Vitamin B12 supports heart health

  • Vitamin B12 can prevent anemia and help with red blood cell formation

  • Vitamin B12 improves mood and symptoms of depression

  • Vitamin B12 prevents brain atrophy which is associated with memory loss or dementia

  • Vitamin B12 maintains healthy skin and hair....and much more

Vitamin C Injection

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with an abundance of properties vital for good health.

  • Vitamin C gives you an immediate boost to immune system, preventing colds, flu and illness

  • Vitamin C increases absorption of iron and helps to  prevent anemia

  • Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant 

  • Vitamin C is anti-ageing as it has a key role in collagen production

  • Vitamin C combats dry hair, skin and weak bleeding gums

  • Vitamin C prevents tiredness, fatigue....and much more