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Full access to all of our programs when you become a member.

Training Courses

Sales Funnel Training

Learn how to generate a flood of quality leads for your business, WITHOUT paid traffic. This powerful training will transform your life and your business.

Launch Your Online Course

Learn how to turn your expertise into an online course. Create, fill and automate your online programmes.

Special Events

Throughout the year we run special events and training to help you start, scale and automate your business. All of our pieces of training are designed to give you the pathway to success, revenue, and freedom.

Special Events

Free admission

Attend any of our events or stream seminars from the comfort of your home. Members have access to all our events and recordings.

Live Q&A sessions

Join our members-only Q&A sessions after live events to ask questions, connect with one another, and walk away inspired.

Early access & updates

As a member, you will be the first to hear about upcoming virtual seminars as well as in-person events coming to a city near you.

1-on-1 Coaching 

Bi-weekly sessions

When you become a member, you get access to 1-on-1 coaching sessions every two weeks. These sessions are designed to answer your questions and help you carve a path curated to your work ethics, business goals, and more.

Personalised next steps

Depending on your business needs, we’ll provide you with the next steps catered to helping you address any challenges or situations you’re facing as well as tips for how to stay engaged in your growth.

Future-mindset mapping

Besides overcoming your current obstacles, we also want to help you plan the future of your business. Based on our 1-on-1 sessions, we’ll help you begin drafting future business plans to set you up for success.

Online Classes 

High-quality video

Each class is a video session hosted by Shampa, providing deep insight into a specific business topic—whether it’s investor tips or time management.

Helpful resource links

At the end of every class, I make sure to provide you with a list of helpful online resources to continue exploring what you’ve learned.

Powerful tips & advice

Throughout the class, I’ll highlight important tips and habits so you can make notes and begin to successfully integrate what you’ve learned.

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